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Dust storm big enough to be seen from space over Texas (Video)

February 21, 2012 - 11:07 AM
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Strong winds caused near zero visibilities over the Texas Panhandle yesterday.

This isn't something the D.C. area has to worry about in the near future... Parts of the Panhandle of Texas had to deal with a powerful dust storm yesterday. It caused numerous accidents, near zero visibility, and even 2 deaths. This was all caused by very strong winds behind a cold front which picked up the dust and dirt. Around Noon yesterday, winds were out of the west sustained at 46 m.p.h. gusting to 56 m.p.h. Winds gusted to at least 48 m.p.h. for over 2 and a half hours. There's a pretty neat looking video and package here from the NBC Nightly News yesterday. Check out this picture from space as well from yesterday afternoon.

MODIS image of the dust storm from space

If you can't really tell it is there, it is the lighter brown area between the cloud decks which I circled for you. Here's another look at it in a video I found on youtube.

Finally, here's another video from a local TV station of the dust as seen from the ground. Out of all the weather phenomenon, this is probably one them I would least like to experience in person. Does this remind anyone of the haboob from last year?

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