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Does This Warm March Mean A Hotter Than Average Summer?

March 15, 2012 - 05:00 AM
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It's feeling like May and June, but it's only March!  With temperatures 20-30 degrees above average, does this mean we're in for a hotter than average summer?

Many are enjoying the 70 and 80 degree days we're experiencing, now, in mid March, but does this mean we'll endure a sweltering summer of hotter than average temperatures? 

Let's take a look back at the top 10 hottest March's and see how the following summer temperatures turned out.   Keep in mind, March's average high is 46.8°, so the top 10 warmest March's were anywhere between 4° and close to 10° above average!

From this chart, you'll notice 7 out of the 10 warmest March's featured below average summer temperatures.  So, again, we can't say that since we're experiencing a stretch of warmer than average March, we'll have an unusually hot summer.  It is interesting to note that the hottest summer was set back in 2010 with an average temperature of 81.3° (that is #9 in the chart).  March was above average, but wasn't the warmest March, by far. 

So, how are you feeling about the warmer than average start to March?  Do you think, after the 3rd warmest winter on record, and the warmer than average temperatures we're experiencing in March, we're in for an extra hot summer?  Take our poll on




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I'm just going to enjoy the pleasant weather while we have it.  And here's hoping, in my opinion, for an average summer!  


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