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Severe weather may be just around the corner

March 21, 2012 - 11:33 AM
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Do you know what watches and warnings mean and what actions you should take stay safe? 

With the arrival of Spring it’s only a matter of time before we have our first bout of severe weather here locally. With that in mind I thought that a quick refresher of severe thunderstorm or tornado watches and warnings would be a good idea. It’s important you know not just what watches and warming’s mean but also, and more importantly, what you should do when they are issued to keep you and your family safe. Below is a quick video that breaks them down and is easy to understand.

One of the most important severe weather items that everyone should have in their home is a NOAA Weather Radio. These devices are pretty inexpensive and can be purchased at many retail outlets, including electronics, department, sporting goods, and boat and marine accessory stores. A NOAA weather radio is an electronic device that receives weather information directly from the National Weather Service including warnings, watches, forecasts, current weather observations, and other hazard information, 24 hours a day. They are invaluable during severe weather at it will automatically sound a tone and broadcast watches and warnings as soon as they are issued for your area. This can be a lifesaving tool especially when severe weather strikes during the nighttime when you may be asleep. For more detailed information and FAQ’s (CLICK HERE).

For those of you with an iphone you may want to look into the “WeatherRadio” application. I have this on my phone and use it all the time. You can program several locations and it will also use the GPS in your phone to find out your location no matter where you go. While this is a cool application it should not be used in place of a real NOAA radio but it handy when you are away from home. Below is a screen shot from this app. 


 Another must have application for iphone is our very own StormWatch 7 application.  Which offers quick access to personal forecasts from Bob Ryan & Doug Hill, local & national HD maps, doppler radar & futurecasts, latest video Quickcasts, Weather Alerts and you can upload your photos directly to the StormWatch 7 Team.




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