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Tree Pollen Goes BOOM!

March 29, 2012 - 01:45 PM
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Well, the trees are blooming and with them comes tons of pollen but this year it's way early!

If you are like me and suffer from allergies even at low levels then you have been sneezing, coughing, scratching your eyes, and blowing your nose for weeks now. If you are lucky enough not to suffer symptoms until pollen levels become very high well, get ready to join in the misery.

The report from the United States Army Centralized Allergen Extract Lab for March 27th with regards specifically to tree pollen topped with 568 Grains/Cubic Meter. Today they released the report for tree pollen on March 28th and it has made a HUGE jump into the very high range with 2124 gr/cubic meters. Needless to say that everyone who suffers from tree allergens, of any kind, will be digging through the medicine basket in search of antihistamines . Susan Kosisky also included in her report “that this looks to be the highest March reading 1998-2011 for tree pollen due to an early oak surge.” In fact, she also stated that “oak constitutes some 67% of our total annual tree pollen yield and when the oaks start flowering our tree count shoots up.”

Below is an image showing the 2012 Tree Season so far vs. the average. One more thing… Bless you in advance!




Image via USACAEL





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