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Who's Ready For May Temperatures In March? How Long It Will Last.

March 13, 2012 - 05:00 AM
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Bask in above average temperatures all week long!  Highs will be in the 70s, which is average for the month of May.

We will get a taste of Spring this week, as highs will climb into the 70s each day.  Average highs for early/mid March are low to mid 50s, so highs, this week, will be a good 15-20 degrees above average! 

With the above average highs, will we break any records?  Probably not.  Take a look at a neat graphic meteorologist Adam Caskey created that displays the forecast highs, this week, in comparison to the records for each day. 

Courtesy @AdamCaskey

Even though we most likely won't break any records, March is certainly starting off on a warm note.  As of Monday, we're 12 days into the month of March and 6° above average.  Coming off of a record breaking winter, it will be interesting to see how the spring and summer fair, in regard to temperatures.  So what's the likelihood of temperatures staying above average? 

The Climate Prediction Center releases temperature and precipitation outlooks on a regular basis.  The latest one came out yesterday.  Check out the 6-10 day outlook!


The deep red/purple colors indicate the high probablity of warmer than average temperatures.  About half of the U.S. is projected to be above average!  Below is a look at the one month outlook, where the U.S., and more specifically D.C., looks faily likely to be above average. *note this is for the month of March, as the graphic is valid from Feb. 29 through the end of March.  In contrast, the Western U.S. and Alaska will be below average (I'll certainly take the warmer than average temps!).   


Enjoy the warmer temperatures and the taste of Spring, which officially begins Tuesday, March 20th.  Also, keep in mind highs this time of year are generally in the low to mid 50s.  It's not until May that average high temperatures are in the low 70s. Happy *almost Spring!

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