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Take Me Out To The Ball Game: Washington Nationals Style

April 12, 2012 - 05:00 AM
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It's a big day in Washington for baseball fans -- Washington Nationals Home Opener!  Does today's weather have any effect on the Nationals' final score?  Take a look!

So it's the big day in Washington for baseball fans and the weather is going to be quite pleasant.  I can picture it now... stadium full of people, excited fans, and, hopefully, a good game! 

The Nationals kick started the season last Tuesday in Chicago with a win against the Cubs (2-1).  Now it's time to play some ball right here in Washington.  The game starts at 1:05 PM against the Cincinnati Reds.  By the first pitch, temperatures will only be around 58°, but if you're in the sun, it will feel a good bit warmer.  It's also still going to be on the breezy side during the game with North winds between 10 and 15 mph, with higher gusts.  I'd probably bring along a light jacket.

So, does the weather have any effect on the outcome of the game?  Well that's difficult to quantify, but why not take a look at past Nationals home openers and see the comparison between the weather and the final score.

The Nationals first game as a DC franchise was on April 14, 2005.  They pulled off a win against the Diamondbacks (5-3).  That day the high reached 66 degress with no rain.  Take a look at the chart below that includes the date of the Nationals Home Opener, if the game was a win or a loss for the Nationals, and the high temperature and precipitation. 

Now this data is certainly not going to help in determining any correlation between the weather and a win or a loss.  It is interesting to look at, especially with such a variation of temperatures.  Last year (2011) was a chilly day with a high of only 42°!  On the contrary, the home opener in 2007 was a very warm day with a high of 82° and a little rain. 

Nationals Home Opener Dates & Weather 

Now weather does have a relationship to baseball, especially concerning how far a baseball will travel when it's hit.  Read more here to understand how air pressure, wind, temperature, and humidity all play a role in the distance a baseball can travel.  A little side note -- I have always been interested in this relationship after taking a meteorology course, in college, with Dr. Brent Skeeter (professor at Salisbury University).  Let's just say he's a *bit of a Baltimore Orioles fan.

At any rate the weather for the game tomorrow should be relatively nice with plenty of sunshine, highs near 60°, with a good breeze.  And lastly, did you know?  There's a connection to the Nationals and the StormWatch 7 weather team.  Our very own Devon Lucie played high school baseball with Washington Nationals' right fielder, Jason Werth.  How cool!   Let's Go Nats!


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