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Next Super Moon in June?

May 6, 2012 - 03:55 PM
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Will you be able to tell the difference between the Super Moon and a close second? ABC7's Bob Ryan says that the next full moon, on June 4, will be only 0.6 percent smaller. So, watch for a 99.4 percent Super Moon.



Boy has last night's "Super Moon" gotten a lot of press and all sorts of pictures and attention.  But it has been "Super" before and will be again.  It's just that at the time the Full Moon coincides with it's closest position to earth (the Moon's orbit is not a perfect circle) it does appear about 15% bigger than when the Moon is farthest from earth.  But guess what?  You get another chance.  Saturday night was cloudy and if you couldn't see this "Super Moon" you get a chance in 4 weeks June 4 is the next Full Moon.  This Full Moon will only be about 1000 miles farther away from us than last night's moon.  That is 0.6% farther away and the diameter of this close second to "Super" about 0.6% "smaller".  Think you can notice the difference?  We'll have to wait until June 4 . . . and hope the skies are clearer than last night.  By the way the moon is actually about 4000 miles closer to us when it is high in the sky late at night than when it is rising at 9PM on June 4.  Why does it appear so huge when it is rising.  Most agree a trick of our brain and the way we view the sky.  More here.  Keep watching the sky, day and night and especially June 4.  Let me know if you can tell Super Moon #2 from Super Moon # 2.


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