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Dewpoint Change: Now That's Refreshing!

June 13, 2012 - 05:15 PM
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24 hours ago dewpoint temperatures were close to 20 degrees higher!  What exactly does that mean, though?

We're feeling the "aaahhh" on Wednesday -- drier, more refreshing air makes it feel quite comfortable for mid June.  Think about how it feels now outdoors compared to what it was like 24 hours ago.  A complete change!  A 20+ degree dewpoint change!

We talk about the dewpoint often, but do you remember what it means?  You can go to one of our previous blogs for a more thorough explanation, but the graphics below help sum up what the dewpoint is all about.  Here are the dewpoint temperatures on Wednesday.

Wednesday Midday Dewpoint Temperatures

Before the front pushed through, shortly after midnight Tuesday, dewpoint temperatures were in the 70s.  After winds shifted to the North, dewpoint temperatures dropped, as the drier air filtered in. Temperatures are actually a few degrees warmer than on Tuesday; however, a drastic drop in the amount of moisture in the atmosphere makes it feel completely different. Here is the 24 hour dewpoint change:

Tuesday Midday Dewpoint Temperatures

The dewpoint temperature is relative to the temperature. The closer the dewpoint temperature to the air temperature, the more moisture in the atmosphere, which can result in the "muggy and sticky" feeling you may experience, especially in the summertime.

Enjoy the drier air while it lasts... and the lower dewpoints!

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