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NWS changing when and why it issues air quality alerts

June 13, 2012 - 02:20 PM
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The high heat and humditiy of summer are just around the corner but there are some changes to the air quality forecast you should know about.

Since the birth of the Air quality Program in 2010, the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments in association with the Maryland Department of the Environment, have combined to produce daily air quality forecasts for our region.

I am sure you have seen them on TV and heard them discussed on the radio during the summer months when the heat, humidity, and stagnant air can produce dangerous health issues.

Well up until June 5th of 2012 the National Weather Service has issued an air quality alert or an AQI whenever the index reached greater than 100 which or Code Orange. Code Orange AQI impacts those who are unhealthy or sensitive to unhealthy air quality.

This new “modification” will require the National Weather Service to only issue air quality advisories for the region when the AQI reaches 150 or greater. This would include Code Red, Purple, or Maroon. This range covers air quality that is classified as unhealthy, very unhealthy, or hazardous.

Rest assured that even if the National Weather Service doesn’t issue an air quality advisory, for those of you that are unhealthy or sensitive, that you can always tune in to ABC 7, NewsChannel,8,, and WTOP to continue to get that information daily during the summer months.


You can also check on this information for yourself by visiting this web site for the AQI.


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