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D.C. heat looks to break next week

July 5, 2012 - 12:22 PM
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Sick of the 90 and 100 degree days in the D.C. area? You'll only need to endure it for a few more days, which brings a little comfort after 8 consecutive days of temperatures of 95 degrees or more.

D.C. has been baking under hot and steamy temperatures for a week. Photo: ABC 7

You may not believe this statistic after the incredibly hot summers the D.C. area has seen over the past few years, but this stretch of 8 days in a row with temperatures of 95 degrees or higher has only happened three other times since 1871. The last time it occurred was back in August of 2002. There has also never been a stretch of more than 8 days in a row at 95 degrees or higher, a feat that will be accomplished tomorrow and extended to 10 or 11 days this weekend.

High temperatures look to extend through the weekend with a forecast high near 100 degrees today and tomorrow, and over 100 degrees Saturday. Saturday may approach some record temperatures with 102 as the record at Reagan and 101 at BWI Marshall and Dulles airports.

Region of HOT 850mb temperatures

I wanted to show the 850mb temperatures as there will be a pattern shift over the next couple of days. Temperatures shown on Saturday will be around 20 degrees C or higher at 850mb. Translated down to the surface, high temperatures Saturday could reach over 100 degrees without a problem.

Check out the next image, which I imagine you will like a bit more. Temperatures at 850mb on Tuesday will only reach around 12 degrees C, which translated down to the surface dry adiabatically only puts the D.C. area in the lower 80s. This is all based on a forecast and as we are a little more on the conservative side, we're going with temperatures in the mid 80s as of now.

850mb temperatures on Tuesday

This pattern shift will occur as a cold front pushes into the region on Sunday. High pressure over the Plains will ensure a northerly flow across the eastern part of the United States, making for a continued supply of cooler temperatures in D.C. The main forecast problem for next week will be the location of the frontal boundary, as it could linger across the D.C. area for days. If this happens, much needed rainfall could also be in the forecast next week. At this point this rainfall may fall mainly be south of D.C.

Either way, the end is near for this record breaking heat wave. As Adam Caskey put it this morning, it's time for everyone to break out their parka's! At this point, I wish Adam...I wish.

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