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D.C. Records: July 2012 Second Hottest Month In Weather Records

August 1, 2012 - 05:00 AM
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If you thought it was hot this month, it was! July 2012 goes in the record books as the second hottest month in weather records. 

July 2012 will go down as the 2nd hottest month in weather records.  The month finishes with an average of 84°.  That's 4.2° higher than the July average.  The hottest month still goes to July 2011 with an average high of 84.5°. 

Even though the month wasn't the hottest, it sure came close.  Only half a degree difference between this year and last year.  July 2011 takes the gold for the hottest month on record, but July 2012 takes the crown for the number of days at 100° or higher.  This July had 7 days 100° or higher - in fact, 4 of them fell on consecutive days, which ties the most number of consecutive 100° days set back in 1930. 

July 2012

July was hot, but also dry.  The two often go hand in hand and this July was no exception.  Most of the region remains under abnormally dry conditions or a moderate drought.  D.C. did get a few summertime thunderstorms that provided some needed rain, but the monthly rain was, once again, below average - nearly an inch below.  Here are the yearly rainfall deficits, as of July 31, 2012. 

2012 D.C. area yearly rainfall totals and departures

July was not only above average and hot in D.C., but across the Southern Plains and much of Eastern states.  As of July 30th, take a look at some of the monthly average temperature departures across the nation (thanks to intern James Stanley for finding out these numbers!). 

Indianapolis, IN: +8.5° - 28 days of 90° or higher

Topeka, KS: +7.4° - 30 days 90° or higher 

Oklahoma City, OK: +3.5° - 100° or higher since July 18th

Chicago, IL: +7.2° - 18 days 90° or higher

August 2012 in D.C. will start off hot, but no record breaking temperatures through the first week. 

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