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Tropical Storm Leslie, Michael Path: Storms no threat to U.S.

September 5, 2012 - 04:01 PM
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Tropical Storm Leslie is expected to become a hurricane over the next few days and newly formed T.D. 13 may become Michael.

With the remnants of Hurricane Isaac continuing to bring plenty of moisture and the threat of more heavy rainfall to the D.C. area, I wanted to try to put your mind at ease that the U.S. shouldn't see any other tropical systems soon. There are still two systems in the Atlantic with Tropical Storm Leslie and now Tropical Storm Michael, but they pose no threat to the United States. Not everyone will be as lucky however.

Forecast Track for Tropical Storm Leslie

Above is the forecast track for Tropical Storm Leslie from the National Hurricane Center. The track pushes the storm north towards Bermuda and intensifies it into a hurricane. If you or someone you know is headed to Bermuda later this week, your plans may be changing. This may even be a strong hurricane by the time it approaches Bermuda.

Forecast Track of Tropical Storm Michael

Next there is Tropical Storm Michael, which really poses no threat to land whatsoever and is expected to remain weak through it's lifespan. You have to like a storm like that!

This in no way signifies the end of hurricane season though, as it will continue officially through November 30th. Looking at Africa, there appears to be a few more waves which will eventually make their way to the Atlantic. Whether they develop into something more is still up in the air, but just remember from past seasons that tropical systems do develop late in the season and can have an impact on the United States.

Satellite image over Africa

Just over the past 3 years, 5 different tropical systems have had an impact on the United States during September or later. Remember just last year, the remnants of Tropical Storm Lee produced massive flooding through the D.C. area after moving through the southeast.

A look back at Tropical Storm Lee flooding

In 2009, Hurricane Ida weakened into an extra-tropical storm as it moved into the southeast U.S. 2008 was a busy year in September with Hurricane Gustav, followed by Tropical Storm Hanna, and finally Hurricane Ike, which just devastated Galveston and Houston, Texas. Hurricane season is typically in full swing in September, but decreases rapidly in October and November. Be sure to continue to stay prepared and monitor the latest forecasts and advisories.

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