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Wild Weather: Big changes in the sky in 24 hours

September 19, 2012 - 04:44 PM
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Dramatic skies yesterday and today and big storm in the Arctic

September usually is a bit more tranquil than the last 24 hours.  Watch the rapidly moving storms moving into Washington from the west Tuesday.

Then look at the beautiful sky today as we had just some high clouds drifting by on much lighter winds.

But our area and the East Coast weren't the only regions recently hit by big storms.  Look at this great visualization from NASA showing a huge storm in August almost moving across the North Pole.  The red arrows are the highest winds.

The news has been that the extent of sea ice in the Arctic reached a satellite observed record low a few days ago. Did the huge storm in August contribute to this new sea ice minimum?  Or was the open Arctic Ocean adding moisture and "fuel" to a unusual storm across the far north? Maybe a bit of both.  In weather and climate, the answers aren't always easy.

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