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2012 Daylight saving time ends; time to fall back in D.C.

October 31, 2012 - 10:17 AM
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The time has come to gain an hour of sleep but lose more daylight in the evening.

Daylight saving time ends this Sunday morning (November 4th) at 2am. This is when everyone gets an extra hour of sleep and the sun rises earlier but also sets earlier. The latest sunrise of the year will be on the morning of the 3rd (Saturday), when the sun rises at 7:38a. The following day on the 4th, with the clocks back an hour, the sun rises at 6:39am.

The part that many of us may not enjoy are the evenings, with the sun setting at 6:05pm on the 3rd, but setting at 5:04pm on the 4th! The times will even get earlier through the end of November to the Winter Solstice come December 21st. By the end of November on the 30th, the sun rises at 7:07am and sets at 4:47pm.

The Earth's tilt on the Winter Solstice

The earliest sunset for the year actually goes on for a period of 11 days! From the December 1st through the 11th, the sun sets at 4:46pm. By the time the solstice comes around on the 21st, the sun rises at 7:23am and sets at 4:50pm. This also coincides with the shortest days of the year from the 20th through 22nd with 9 hours and 26 minutes of daylight.

When you fall back, this is also the time when you should check your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. The International Association of Fire Chiefs recommends you replace the batteries in each of your detectors to make sure they are good through the winter months. Coming on the heels of Sandy, this should be an important reminder with the fires that occurred during the storm in New York and New Jersey. We also heard about the story of carbon monoxide poisoning that happened which could have been prevented with working detectors.

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