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Sandy Weakens" : But Threat and Risk Increase

October 26, 2012 - 10:14 PM
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The danger from the storm remains very high

Here is the latest satellite picture of what had been hurricane Sandy 



The storm has become disorganized but everything still tells me that while it may even weaken into a tropical depression, by late Sunday it will interact with a strong wave in the jet stream and then almost go through a "metamorphose" from a weak tropical storm into a monster more classic East Coast winter-like coastal storm.  Here are is what is likely in our region by Monday into Tuesday 



 IMPORTANT:  If you hear "Sandy" is weaker it does not mean the treat to our area is less than now or less than 2 days ago.  This will still become a major coastal storm.  It will undergo changes rarely seen but from everything we can see in modern meteorology WILL LIKELY HAPPEN.  Begin to make preparations Saturday, Finalize action Sunday and let's hope that the worst of the storm stays north of the DC region.  We will still feel serious impacts but the final/exact track is critical.  On the north and northeast side of this hybrid storm (likely the NJ coast) will be hit hardest and the farther south (Virginia Tidewater) is the area more probable to be hit the least.  Stay informed and be prepared, especially anyone near water and we will keep you informed

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