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Sandy: What to do

October 27, 2012 - 11:25 PM
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Sandy unique big storm but local impacts similar to others

Sandy is becoming what meteorologically is a "hybrid" storm but you don't really care.  Unfortunately the "official" wording and warning language may change as in this graphic.  


Or here in the various local statements/advisories/watches/warnings for our area.  




I have no idea either what a "hurricane wind watch" means.  These will all probably change by the time you read this!! But it is a very serious dangerous storm whatever it is now called and the very latest track is here. 



The uncertainty of the path is decreasing.  Whether we in the D.C. area will be on the north side or south side of the storm is critical.  Hurricane Isabel moved just to our west and generated numerous tornadoes and with strong south winds in The Bay produced almost historic flooding in Annapolis and Baltimore.  The very latest deterministic track (this DOES NOT MEAN "FOR SURE") track is for Sandy to move ashore Monday on a path north of our region and we will stay with NORTH winds.  Here is the EXPERIMENTAL current and high water outlook from NOAA for our region.


I think the positive is a probability (70% chance) of NOT having major flooding along the Bay or tidal areas.  However the strength and intensity of Sandy DOES MEAN we are likely (80% Chance) to have heavy rains 3-5" Monday-Tuesday and strong north-northwest winds and possible local, if not widespread power outages.  As always keep informed and don't let the meteorological/bureaucratic/"official" wording confuse you.  Sandy was  hurricane and will be a very major storm for the eastern United  States.  Don't take chances and stay safe.




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