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Space Station: Perfect Viewing and Super Bright This evening

October 11, 2012 - 04:05 PM
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Great Evening to See Space Station

Perfect viewing weather and sky tonight to see the International Space Station pass almost directly over DC.  Here is the diagram from Heavens Above. 


Last evening some clouds but this evening perfect.  Look toward the south at 7:35 PM and you will see that bright oject get brighter and brighter as it rises high in the sky.  At 7:38 it will be about 3 times brighter than the planet Jupiter and almost straight up in the sky traveling at about 18,000 miles an hour.  Two minutes later it moves into the earth's shadow in the northeast sky.   Here is an animation of what I hope you see.  Perfect event to watch after the Nats game and before the debate.  Enjoy with the entire family


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