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Dwindling Daylight in D.C.

November 10, 2012 - 05:00 AM
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It happens every year, but it always comes as a surprise when the sun sets earlier and earlier.  Find out how long before daylight gets longer.

Sunset keeps getting earlier and earlier.  At least after we switched back to Eastern Standard Time, the sun rises earlier, so it's not quite as dark when a lot of us are getting up in the morning.  On the flip side, it's dark by the time we get home!  Sunset this past Thursday was at 5:00pm... and it's going to keep setting earlier through December 11th.

The earliest sunset is 4:46pm and that will occur from December 1st through the 11th.  The morning sunrise has at least been a little earlier since we "fell back" and gained an hour of sleep and switched back to EST.   That, too, will change over the next few weeks, as sunrise starts getting later again.  Take a look at how much later the sun will rise through the winter solstice, which is the day with the shortest amount of daylight), on December 21st.

Notice the hours of daylight decreasing through December 21st.  Here are the hours of daylight through the winter solstice.

The shortest amount of daylight occurs on December 21st with a little less than nine and a half hours.  After that, daylight starts to increase and once the 5th of January arrives, the sun sets after 5pm!

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