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Hurricane Sandy: The rain, the water, the power

November 9, 2012 - 04:57 PM
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Amazing numbers of the power of Sandy.

Hurricane Sandy may eventually be the most costly hurricane to hit the United States.  Technically it may not have been a warm core tropical system, a hurricane when it came ashore,



But the damage was devastating between winds along the coast that were 80 miles per hour and the amount of rain Sandy dumped on the eastern United States.  The storm surge was a record in lower Manhattan.  This great NOAA before and after view of the New Jersey coast line at Mantoloking, NJ, just north of Sandy's landfall captures what it did to the coast.

Not only wind, storm surge and coastal flooding but look at the total amount of rain Sandy dumped over it's several day life over land. 





I did a quick calculation and Sandy dumped about 300 TRILLION gallons of rain just over the United States.  Imagine how much rain Sandy produced during its lifetime from the Carribean to dying our over northern Canada.  To give you an idea of how much 300 trillion is, imagine you visit Niagara Falls and watch the water falling over the falls. 


You'd have to stand there every minute of every day for every day for about 10 years to see 300 trillion gallons of water.  Hard to image the power of Sandy.  Some calculations are that a hurricane such as Sandy generates 1000 TRILLION WATTS of power each day!!  That's more than 200 times the total electrical generating capacity of the entire planet!!  Another way to think about the incredible power of Sandy.  Turn on a 100 Watt light bulb.  One day of Sandy's energy could light that 100 Watt bulb for . .  . 30 BILLION YEARS!!  What a storm.


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