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Snow: Really possible for Tuesday?

November 26, 2012 - 04:23 PM
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There’s a chance some areas in the D.C. region could see snow Tuesday.

Yes the word "SNOW" has been in our forecast and in some news headlines for a couple of days.  Hard to believe that some of you indeed will see enough snow to whiten the ground by Tuesday noon after temperatures today were close to 60 just south of DC.  What's going on? First a cold front you can see on our StormScan is sliding south and weak "storm"/low pressure system will move along the front just to our west and north.  


This will bring clouds in very rapidly and some cold rain to western and northern suburbs by 5-8AM Tuesday.  Several of the meteorological things I look at is the simulation of the atmosphere at the surface as here, and the simulation of what the temperature will be in the air above us tomorrow afternoon.  


Everything right now indicates the precipitation around the DC area will be in the form of a chilly rain, but as the weak storm moves north, and the air above us gets colder, (this shows the temperature about 1 mile up tomorrow afternoon) the rain will mix with some wet snowflakes before ending late Tuesday afternoon. 


The roads and ground are mild now, so there is no threat of slippery roads in the immediate DC area, but to the north in high areas of northern Montgomery County, Frederick County, Maryland and western Loudoun County, there will enough wet snow to whiten the ground and even cause some slippery spots before sunset Tuesday.  Hagerstown and spots north and west are likely to see 1-3" of snow, but snow lovers around DC will just have to wait for the next chance.  Check out our latest hyperlocal microcast just run.  A bit fast, but still looks like rain for most of the time around DC.


 Forecast updates to come : >)

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