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Thanksgiving Weather : Quiet this Year

November 20, 2012 - 03:58 PM
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Remember big Thanksgiving Storms?

This year for the big travel day tomorrow and for Thanksgiving Day pretty quiet weather across the country.  These 2 satellite views from GOES-EAST and GOES-WEST (NASA GOES Project) show the Pacific Northwest as the only area still with stormy weather.






 The forecast map from NWS does show rain (and snow in the mountains skiers) continuting in the northwest tomorrow. 


Wednesday midday weather across the United States

But then sunshine across almost the entire country for Thursday-Thanksgiving Day.  Quite a difference from some past Thanksgivings with big storms.  Remember Thanksgiving here in DC in 1989?  It was a "White Thanksgiving" after 2 inches of snow a couple of days before.  1989 is still the only time we have had both a "White Thanksgiving" and "White Christmas".  Thanksgiving 1989 was probably the coldest Thanksgiving ever for the Great Plains as Denver fell to 8° below zero, Laramie, WY was -26°, Bismark had 22" of snow and Miami and Dallas played the traditional Thanksgiving football game in Dallas in sleet and cold winds.  What was the Thanksgiving storm you remember? Here's a neat link to Thanksgiving storms.  Share the Thanksgiving weather or storm you remember with everyone.

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