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Environmental Film Festival in its 21 year!

March 20, 2013 - 12:42 PM
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Nothing to do? Head out to the Environmental Film Festival today through Sunday to catch and enjoy some amazing films displayed all around town!

Obviously, the DC area has many different attractions to offer visitors and residents. One of these events is the Environmental Film Festival that is in its 21st year. Although this film festival began March 12th, you can still have a chance to view some films, in the 75 different venues around town, before the festival wraps up this Sunday, March 24th. And to put the icing on the cake- most of these films are free! - (including the two featured below).





The festival, during its duration, has presented works featuring 190 documentary, narrative, animated, archival, experimental and children films all providing different and fresh perspectives on environmental issues not only here in the states, but globally with cinematic work from more than 45 different countries. The theme of this year’s festival is how rivers and watersheds play a vital role in the environment and the ecological importance and threats to these systems.

One of the interesting films on the docket for Thursday, March 21st is “The People the Rain Forgot.” This informational film gives viewers an inside look at how the drought and more irregular rain patterns have ravaged the livelihoods of millions of Africans whom rely on the rainfall for their well-being. Over the past four years, much of the region has not received sufficient rain to feed their livestock and to simply water their crops. The film depicts the courage and determination of those who are doing anything and everything to make the rain fall again. 




Another great film that runs on Sunday, March 24th follows the theme for this year’s festival. “A River Runs Through Us” explains how climate changes will affect the rivers and dams in attempt to motivate activists to protect rivers altogether. It also shows what can happen to communities affected by large dams and what can be done to preserve life-giving waterways while meeting the needs for energy and water.


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