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Back Door Cold Front: What the Heck is That?

April 11, 2013 - 10:09 PM
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Weather through the back door?

Anyone outside tonight noticed the cool air coming in as temperatures dropped 25° in a few hours.  A cold front came through . . .but through the back door.  What is the back door?  Our weather and cold air ususally moves from west to east or north to south as shown in this map of the jet stream for Saturday. 


Most cold or cool fronts come from west to east. . . the front door as seen in this radar image of strong storms moving through Ohio and coming our way for Friday. 


But this evening some cool ocean air moved in from the east . . .the back door and look at this great image.  Our interactive radar and temperature map showed the dramatic range of temperatures.  


The cool air is more dense than warm air and the front was probably pushing pollen and even insects west and the line of the backdoor front shows very clearly on radar. 


No rain with this back door the rain come Friday with the front door.  But does lead to a delightful weekend.



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