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April 2013 was the coolest across the U.S. since 1997

May 17, 2013 - 11:12 AM
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April 2013 ranked as the 23rd coolest month across the contiguous U.S. even with D.C. having above normal temperatures for the month.

The April climate report shows the month was much cooler than normal across the lower 48, with an average temperature of 49.7°F, which was 1.4°F below the 20th century mean. This made the month the 23rd coolest on record and marked the coolest April since 1997.

Other April Statistics

Reagan National Airport actually ended up 2.1°F warmer than normal for the month, and would have been even warmer than that if it weren't for 9 of the last 11 days in April with below average temperatures.

April Statewide Temperature Ranks

Above is a look at the statewide temperatures ranks from the National Climatic Data Center (NCDC). As you can see, Virginia actually ranked as the 28th warmest April on record and states on the east coast and west coast had above normal temperatures.

The there's the central U.S. North Dakota recorded its coldest April on record with a statewide average of 31°F! That's an incredible 9.9°F below normal for the month. It reminds me of last March in D.C. which was the warmest on record at 10°F above average.

Alaska also had a cold April, with temperatures 5.8°F below average and it ranked as the 7th coolest April on record for the state. Fairbanks, AK was actually 14.5°F below normal for the month!

Snow cover across the U.S. ranked as the 5th largest snow cover in April in the 47-year period of record. The Care Bears even helped close the season at Breckenridge in Colorado!

Finally, for the first time in a long time, record cold highs and lows outnumbered the record warm highs and lows. In fact, there ended up being three times as many record lows as record highs. Check here to see the latest update for the year.


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