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Washington D.C. Forecast: Possible Severe Weather Outbreak the Next 36 Hours

June 12, 2013 - 01:34 PM
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The possibility of widespread severe weather is looking good for the DC area over the next 36 hours.

Isolated thunderstorms
Temperatures: 80s
Wind: NW 5 - 15 mph
Widespread Strong Thunderstorms
Lows: Upper 60s/Lower 70s
Rain: Some storms possibly severe
AM: Some clearing PM: Widespread Severe Storms
Highs: 80s
Wind: SW 5 - 10 mph increasing 15 - 25 mph

Keeping an eye on some strong to severe storms to affect the DC area tonight through Thursday.

So here is the deal: Everybody is throwing around this “derecho” term when in fact these storms that could affect us tomorrow are in the beginning stages of their formation in the Upper Plains. Once the storms through the upper Plains form-we will have a better idea how it will impact us in the Mid Atlantic tomorrow. However, this is what we know right now: There is a cold front that is strung out across Pennsylvania. An area of low pressure will ride like a train along the stalled front bringing energy with it through today and tomorrow. Then, that front will get it’s act together and pass through the region on Thursday night. This storm will come in three parts (best way to simplify it): tonight = isolated storms, overnight through early Thursday AM: widespread/scattered storms, tomorrow afternoon = possibly a line of strong/severe storms. Once that front clears on Thursday night, breezy conditions ensure and a few showers floating around the backside could move into the area.



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