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Washington DC Weather: Heat and humidity return for the week

June 24, 2013 - 09:15 AM
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Real summer like feel for the workweek…

Partly Cloudy, Added Humidity, 40% Chance of Scat'd. Afternoon T'Storms
Highs: Near 90º
Wind: SW 5-10 mph
T’Shower Early, Otherwise Partly Cloudy, Muggy & Mild
Lows: 66º-74º
Wind: SW 3-5 mph
Hot & Steamy, Stray (30% Chance) PM Storm
Highs: Low 90s
Wind: SW 5-10 mph

High pressure will drive our weather for this week and you know what that means this time of year: heat and humidity. Temperatures will likely be 90 or higher for the next 5 days. There is the chance for a brief cooling afternoon thundershower, but most of the week will remind you of the dog days of summer. Have a great day!

In case you missed our ABC7 Storm Watch special "Surviving Severe Weather" last Friday, Adam Caskey will be posting some of our segments over the next several days, so you don't entirely miss out on the action!

We all remember the infamous derecho that struck Washington about one year ago. Watch my story of a local man, and his unique approach to the storm along with more background on derechos and how often they affect the D.C. area.

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