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Cool spell ends and daylight continues its decline

August 19, 2013 - 01:44 PM
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Six days in a row with temperatures below 82°F hasn't happened in August in over 10 years!

The past 6 days have seen temperatures at or below 81°F. This coming in the month of August, with the average high of 87°F and now 86°F starting today. Yesterday only reached 74°F and today might not get out of the 70s either! To put it in perspective, this stretch of unseasonably cool weather hasn't occurred in the month of August since 2000, about 13 years ago. The stretch of 6 days from the 17th-23rd were also below 82 degrees. Pretty crazy to think!

So far this month has had 11 days with below average temperatures, and the average for the month is sitting at 2.4 degrees below normal (As of the 18th). Last year, August only had 4 days with below average temperatures. The whole summer last year featured only 18 days with below average temperatures, while this summer has had 30! This is the most days below average since 2009 when there were 39 during the summer months.

The heat returns this week, however, with temperatures forecast to be in the upper 80s and possibly back to the 90 degree mark. 90 degree days have been relatively absent this summer as well, with only 23 so far, compared to 48 which we had by this time last year.

Meteorological Summer is just about over though, and the one place that has really seen the difference hasn't been the temperatures, but the duration of daylight.

This Saturday marked the day in D.C. where the sun sets at 8:00pm. The latest sunsets are around the solstice in late June at 8:37pm. Looking ahead in the calendar, the sun sets at 7:00pm by September 25th, which is only a month and 6 days from now. The big difference will come with fall, as it does every year, with the sunset coming in the 6 o'clock hour. Fall back occurs on Sunday, November 3rd, when the sun sets at 5:05pm. The earliest is 4:46pm December 1st-12th.

Countdown to the winter solstice sits at 125 days. Enjoy the warm air and remainder of the summer!


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