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Washington, D.C. Weather Forecast: Ahhhhh!

August 14, 2013 - 10:39 AM
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Sunshine settles in for a while....

This Afternoon:
Sunny Skies
Highs: Upper 70s
Wind: NW 10-15
Mostly Clear
Lows: Upper 50s
Wind: N 5
Mostly Sunny
Highs: Around 80
Wind: Variable 5

A strong cold front passed through D.C. bringing a few severe storms last evening. We just got word from the National Weather Service that there was some tree damage a mile North of The National Zoo and a tree down at American University in NW DC.  That strong cold front was the leading edge of some much cooler, drier air.  Our dew points this morning were in the 40s!  That is compared to the 70s yesterday, a huge indication of just how much the humidity has dropped.  A large area of high pressure is settling in now and will dominate our weather the rest of the week. 


This Afternoon

Temperatures will stay on the cool side as a result with Northwesterly winds.  Our average high is 87 on this date.  We will be lucky to stretch to 80 this afternoon.  Our high temperatures are more indicative of mid-September.  Overnight lows should drop into the 50s across the region tonight.  That is more typical of late September.  Grab a sweater for the morning!  And believe it or not, the next chance of rain for D.C. could be of a tropical origin early next week.  Check out my blog today for more on that.  Have a great afternoon!


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