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10 reasons D.C. weather is awesome

September 5, 2013 - 12:33 PM
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Do you think D.C.'s weather is amazing? If yes, you'll agree with this list. If no, by the end of this article, you will.

1. The D.C. area gets all four seasons. Terrible cold (or sometimes mild) winters, beautiful spring and fall, and a nice hot and humid summer. We can deal with them as we know they only last 3 months each!

2. Uhh, sunrises and sunsets are unreal. I know this is true throughout the country, but they don't have the monuments now, do they? (AB Pan Photography)

Sunrise at the Vietnam Memorial - AB Pan Photography

3. Speaking of picturesque, fall foliage in the region can be spectacular. Anyone leaf peeping this fall?

Fall foliage rocks.

4. Severe weather can be bad, but it isn't nearly as bad as other areas of the country. There has never been an EF-5 tornado recorded east of the Appalachians, we've never had a category 5 hurricane, and even our earthquakes are weak (yea, geology included I guess).

OK, OK. The derecho was baaaad.

5. We have 14 hours and 54 minutes of daylight in the summer. Unless you work the graveyard shift, this is cool.

We get to wear really cool shades too.

6. The D.C. area sometimes gets blizzards that drop 2 feet of snow and close work down for a week. Though notoriously hard to forecast, once every couple of winters, these are awesome. Unless you get 3 in one winter like 2009-2010. We even have planned snowball fights!

7. October. It's arguably the best weather of the year every year, with sunshine, comfortable days and cool, crisp nights. Not to mention the foliage, pumpkins and fall brews!

We even had snow in late October a few years back!

8. Our "extreme" averages (oxymoron right there!) are 28°F for the average low in January and 89°F for the average high in July. Things could be MUCH worse.

And we can wear sweet hats!

9. D.C. gets all kinds of weather. From sunshine, to blizzards, severe weather, hurricanes, you name it. Talk about variety! No boredom here!

Hurricane Sandy from Space (Credit: NASA)

10. The D.C. area has 6 radars meteorologists can tap into! We, of course, have our own in Live Super Doppler 7 (shameless self-promotion), but also can tap into the Sterling radar as well as the terminal dopplers at Reagan, Dulles, BWI and Joint Base Andrews!

Here is a selection of the multiple radars we can use!


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