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HIGH pollen counts in the D.C. area

September 4, 2013 - 11:57 AM
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Just when you thought it would be a perfect day to get outside, the invisible nuisance strikes again!

"We are right at the 'peak period' for our ragweed counts. To date, we have been below average for our daily ragweed counts. This is not much assurance, however, for ragweed sufferers in our area who are already wheezing and sneezing out there. Ragweed alone accounted for 41.53 grains/cubic meter or about 91% of the last 24 hour weed count total. Nettle family pollen, sage pollen and the chenopod/amaranth group (lambs qtrs and pigweed) also contribute to our weed count."

These are the words of our favorite Microbiologist, Susan Kosisky, who is the Director of Aerobiological Reporting and Evaluation at the US Army Centralized Allergen Extract Lab. She issues the Pollen Count for the D.C. area, which is HIGH not only for the weed count, but also for grasses and mold.

Wednesday's Pollen Count

Ragweed counts have been below average so far this season and were below average in August, but dry conditions have allowed it to come back early this September. With dry conditions expected the remainder of the week, ragweed should continue to be a problem to allergy sufferers across the region.


Tomorrow may be exceptionally bad for people allergic to ragweed, as a dry cold front will move through and breezy winds will allow for more of the pollen to be picked up into the air. Be sure to take the proper precautions and even though it will be nice out, keep your windows closed!

Other tips to beat your allergies:

-Take an over the counter antihistamine

-Change your clothes after being outdoors for a prolonged period of time

-Keep your windows closed in your vehicles and home

-Shower before bed to wash any pollen off your skin

-Try to stay inside between 10am and 4pm if possible as pollen counts are usually highest during that time period

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