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A Taste of Spring- Warmer Temperatures and Possible Storms Late Week

February 18, 2014 - 07:15 AM
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How warm will we get this week and how long will it last?

After waking up to more snow in the D.C. area this morning,  many of us are ready for a warm up! Here's a look at some of the snow totals. 



This is the seventh consecutive week that has had at least one day with school delays and/or cancellations because of the weather.  I am happy to say that the rest of the week features NO snow!  And, temperatures will be above average the rest of the week after today. 


But, it's not going to be perfect either...  We'll start with the good news.  Sunshine is back the rest of today and our temperatures will reach seasonable highs.  The average high in D.C. is 48 degrees.  A weak disturbance moves through early tomorrow morning and could bring a few morning showers.  Our Futurecast displays that the morning commute will be damp, but sunshine returns for the afternoon.



The jet stream (the fast channel of air in the upper atmosphere that divides warm and cold air) will be lifting to our north late this week.  It will allow temperatures to warm well above average. A few spots could hit 60 by Friday!  


However, notice the circled "kink" on the image.  That will swing our way on Friday, along with a cold front at the surface.

This will trigger thunderstorms ahead of the front in the Ohio and Tennessee Valleys on Thursday and possibly in our region on Friday. 

Right now it looks like the storms would come midday Friday and damaging winds will be the most likely form of severe weather.  Temperatures will moderate a little behind that front and it looks like a nice weekend ahead with highs in the 50s. With those kind of temperatures the rest of the week and with rain in the forecast, we'll have to keep an eye out for the potential of some flooding.  Snow will be melting quickly. Here is a map of the snow cover across the country.

I expect that map to look very different this time next week.  While you might be thinking that this is the start of spring.... what comes up, must come down.

We cool back off for the middle of next week.  Winter isn't over just yet.


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