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Spring weather: March madness and april showers

April 1, 2014 - 05:00 AM
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March came in and out like a Lion, but what about April?

Goodbye and good riddance, March! It has been a cool and snowy month for sure. March roared in like a lion and has exited… well, kind of like a lamb if we don’t count Sunday's weather. Today’s sunshine and 60 degree temperatures are nothing to complain about after the past four weeks.


(March 2014)


March 2014 will go down as the 5th snowiest on record in Washington, D.C. We had measurable snow every week, except the 9th-15th, bringing the monthly total to 12.7” at Reagan National. That's 11.4” above average! Dulles topped the old record and had the snowiest March ever recorded with 19.8”. If you thought it was a cold month, you are correct. The average temperature was 42.5 degrees. That is about 4 degrees below average. Our warmest day was on the 22nd with 73 degrees. And the chilliest temperature was 14 on the 4th.

Does a snowy March equate into a snowy April? Not necessarily. And, climate is on our side for this one. Washington, D.C. records a trace of snow or more only once in every ten years. And, since 1888, only nine Aprils have recorded an inch or more of snow. So, chances are that we won’t see much if any. The latest measurable snow on record in D.C. was on April 28th with .5” on the ground in 1898. April is usually a month of rain. 


(April Climatology)


On average, 3.06” of rain can be expected over the month. Average high temperatures start at 62 on the 1st and rise to 71 degrees on the 30th. Average lows are all above freezing, starting with 42 on the 1st and 52 to end the month.

But, we know climatology and actual weather is different, right?  So, what does the start of April look like? 



(6-10 Day Outlook, NOAA)


Near average this week, but the latest outlook for April 5th-9th is slightly cool once again. 

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