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Winter is not quite done with us yet!

April 14, 2014 - 12:08 PM
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After a string of nice and warm weather, temperatures tumble and we are even talking about a chance of snow.


Okay, who complained on Sunday and said it was too hot? (I ALMOST did but stopped dead in my tracks as I could feel the words beginning to come out of my mouth). Coming off a gorgeous weekend in the D.C. area, big changes are just ahead and winter conditions will remind us all just how much Old Man Winter has a tight hold on us. I’m going to go ahead and drop a bomb right now and tell you that this post will be about the potential for some wintry mix/snow in the forecast for Tuesday night. There I said it.


So this is what is going on. We have a very impressive cold front that is stretching today (Monday) from Michigan to Eastern Texas. That cold front, along with upper level pieces of energy will continue to travel to the east through the day today and will be responsible for spotty precipitation this evening, precipitation all day on Tuesday and possibly a brief period of snow on Tuesday night. Behind the front for Wednesday: much colder conditions.




This front is bringing rain with it as it runs into warm moist air ahead of its travels. Mild southerly wind will transport warm air right into the D.C. area Monday taking daytime highs to around 80 degrees despite the cloud cover. A few showers cannot be ruled out this afternoon and evening hours but as we continue into the overnight hours leading into Tuesday, rain chances will only increase. (Unfortunately you will not be able to get a good view of the Lunar Eclipse tonight-whomp whomp).  Expect both the morning and evening commutes on Tuesday to be wet.




You can find exactly where the front it on this map in accordance with daytime highs for Monday. Kansas City topping out in the mid 30s while Chicago will top out in the lower 60s. As the front moves east, cold air will continue to spill into the Mid Atlantic.

Overnight lows Monday into Tuesday will fall into the 60s and unfortunately, the temperature only falls from there during the daytime hours on Tuesday, dropping through the 60s in the morning, 50s in the afternoon and after 5p.m., temperatures will fall through the 40s. Rain is expected all day and could be moderate to heavy at times.


Precipitation accumulation forecast around the region most likely around 1.00” however, east of D.C. could see slightly higher totals before it is all said and done. There is a chance for some thunderstorms in the mix early in the morning hours on Tuesday but not looking too likely. The winds will be another factor that we will have to deal with as they only increasing through the day on Tuesday, shifting from the southwest to the northwest, gusting up to possibly 40 mph on Tuesday night!

As it looks now, most of the rain will be out of the region by Tuesday night. However, if we get the cold air in here before the rain is all said and done, expect a little bit of a wintry mix and possibly some wet snow. Not expecting any accumulation however, higher elevations could see minor accumulation (above 2000ft).



Clearing conditions will take place during the Tuesday overnight hours into Wednesday morning. The winds will stick around but there could be some slick spots in the region if the roads do not dry out before our temperatures fall below freezing. Tuesday night/Wednesday morning lows are expected to drop into the mid to upper 20s to the low 30s in the D.C. metro area. Go ahead and bring those plants inside or cover up (newspaper/tarps) what you may have already planted outside just to be on the safe side. Freeze warnings may have to be issued on Tuesday night into Wednesday.




Wednesday morning is going to be a chilly one, just be prepared. Winds will still be breezy out of the northwest, about 10 – 15mph. Considering the temperatures will be only in the upper 20s/lower 30s on Wednesday morning, you can certainly expect wind chills as you head out to work or school on Wednesday morning. Wind chills in the 20s expected on Wednesday morning. And unfortunately, it doesn’t get much better than that-of course. On Wednesday, you can see on the graphic below, we are only topping in the upper 40s to lower 50s (lower 50s if we are lucky). However, on the bright side we will have plenty of sunshine with winds calming through the afternoon hours.


So there is it. Temperatures will still be running below normal on Thursday and Friday (around 60 degrees as compared to our normal temperature in the mid 60s) but we will be dry and just trying to get back into the swing of spring. I would like to write that this is the last time I will write about snow but pretty sure I did that about two blog posts ago so I will just bite my tongue and hope this is the last time I can mention it. At least until next Winter, but even then it might be too early.
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