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June 1st Marks the Start Meteorological Summer & Hurricane Season

June 1, 2014 - 05:00 AM
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The start of two new seasons: Summer and the Atlantic hurricane season. 


After a brutal winter, it's finally here -- summer.  Well, meteorological summer.  And it's also the start of the Atlantic hurricane season.

Meteorological summer begins June 1st and continues through August 31st. September 1st starts meteorological autumn. Meteorological seasons are grouped in sets of three months and are done so for seasonal climate purposes.


The graphic above shows three different ways summer can be defined.  Astronomical summer begins June 21st.  That is when the summer solstice occurs.  The summer solstice is when the northern hemisphere is tilted most directly towards the sun.  Solar summer is the three months of the year with the greatest amount of sunshine. 

June 1st also marks the start of the 2014 Atlantic hurricane season.  Hurricane season, in the Atlantic, goes through November 30th.  NOAA released the Atlantic hurricane outlook two weeks ago predicting an average, to slightly below average, hurricane season. 


As of right now, the tropics look quiet, but we'll be watching closely for the first named storm, Arthur.  Is your name on the list?

Regardless of how many named storms and hurricanes develop, you should be prepared with a hurricane emergency supply kit.  Now is the time to get that together, so you're not scrambling (with everyone else) at the last minute for those essential items.

As we march into the summer and hurricane seasons, you'll want to stay with the StormWatch7 weather team for all the latest updates.  I guess we can all agree the weather is practically perfect for this first day of June!


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