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Comparatively slow start for 90 degree days this year

June 26, 2014 - 11:09 AM
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Washington D.C. (Reagan National Airport) experienced fewer 90 degree days by June 26th in 2014 than the past few years.

This year has only experienced six 90 degree days so far, which is slightly behind the pace of the past few years and well behind the pace the the record year of 2010 which had a total of sixty-seven 90 degree days.

The past two years had an average start, with ten 90 degree days by June 26th. 2011 was slightly ahead of the pace with twelve by the 26th, and the record year of 2010 had an astounding twenty by the 26th.

Number of 90 degree days

Above is a look at where we have been by the 26th of June over the past 5 years and the corresponding total number of days.

With D.C. currently at six, this puts the location at the lowest number of 90 degree days to start the year since 2009 when there were only three by June 26th. 2009 also only featured twenty-two total 90 degree days for the year. The fewest for a year was seven in 1905 and 1886. The least number of 90 degree days for a year recently was eleven in 2004.

Looking back, 3 of the past 4 years have been well above the seasonal average of thirty-six 90 degree days besides last year, which only had thirty-five.

Per Ian Livingston with the Capital Weather Gang, July averages just over fourteen 90 degree days per year and August averages nearly ten, so the big months still lie ahead of us. The second link has fantastic information on 90 degree days in the D.C. area, so kudos to Ian for putting this together a few years back.

Forecast high temperatures for next Wednesday (Courtesy 0Z ECMWF via WeatherBell Models)

Looking ahead, the D.C. area has a good chance to hit 90 a few times next week. Tuesday and Wednesday appear like they will be very hot, with a chance to reach the mid or even upper 90s. A threat for storms also exists both days as a frontal boundary approaches from the west. We'll narrow this down as it gets closer early next week.

Will this year be below average for 90 degree days? Not necessarily even with our slow start. Looking back to 2012 and 2013, each had ten 90 degree days by June 26, but July 2012 doubled July 2013 with twenty-two days compared to eleven days, thus helping 2012 amass fifty-three total 90 degree days for the year.

We haven't really seen a Bermuda High set up just yet which helps bring a warm southerly return flow into the region, but there's still plenty of time for that to happen and it may even set up for a few days next week. Regardless, the Weather Prediction Center continues to place our area in above average long range temperature outlooks, I guess time will tell.

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