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D.C. Forecast: More holiday weekend perfection: sunshine & low humidity!

July 5, 2014 - 12:10 PM
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Look for yet another delightful summer's day with plenty of sunshine, exceptionally low humidity, but lighter winds than yesterday.  High temperatures should be in the low to mid 80s.

This Afternoon:
Sunny & Warm, Still Low Humidity
Highs: 81-84
Wind: NW 5-15 mph
Clear & Mild
Lows: 57-64
Wind: Light SW
Sunny & A Bit Warmer, Still Comfortable
Highs: 84-88
Wind: SW 5-10 mph

After a spectacularly sunny & comfortable 4th of July, we'll be able to declare our independence from humidity once again today!  Yesterday's dew points in the 40s - unheard of during a Washington summer - will be repeated as high pressure and northwesterly winds make for a thoroughly delightful Saturday.  With Post-Tropical Cyclone Arthur now well to the northeast, the blustery winds of Friday will subside significantly from 30 mph to just 5 to 15 miles per hour today.

With the high slowly making its way to the southeast, we'll see a change in the winds on Sunday.  The southwesterly flow will bring slightly warmer and slightly more humid air to the Washington area.  Still, with highs in the mid to upper 80s and dew points in the 50s, it will be yet another very pleasant summer's day and a great way to end the weekend.  The spell will be broken next week as temperatures in the 90s and higher humidity return.  Until then, enjoy these blissful days!

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