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Record cold across the D.C. area Wednesday morning

November 19, 2014 - 11:07 AM

Record lows were broken at both Dulles and BWI Marshall last night. Dulles broke the record of 20F set back in 1990 by 7 degrees as the location plunged to 13F this morning. BWI Marshall broke its record of 20F set in 1936 as they dropped to 19F this morning. Reagan National, which hasn't broken any record lows between November and March since 1996 was close, but still failed to break the record of 18F this morning as it only fell to 22F.

Record Lows at Dulles and BWI Marshall Wednesday morning

 A number of other records were broken across the country this morning as well. Here are a few cities that also broke or tied low temperature records. You can find a bigger list of all kinds of records from the NWS here.

Elkins, WV: 12F (Old record 14F-1990)

Richmond, VA: 18F (Tied 1936)

Philadelphia, PA: 20F (Tied 1936)

Morgantown, WV: 16F (Old record 19F-1989)

Charleston, SC: 23F (Old record 27F-1949)

Savannah, GA: 26F (Old record 27F-2008)

Jacksonville, FL: 27F (Old record 28F-2008)

New Orleans, LA: 31F (Tied-1946)

While it was freezing in the central and eastern U.S., the opposite is happening in parts of Alaska, with record highs broken in both Anchorage and Nome yesterday.

Temperatures will begin to moderate tomorrow as they settle back into the mid 40s, but another brief cold push is expected Friday before a milder weekend ahead. Just to put this cold in perspective, today will be the earliest day with highs below 40 degrees at Reagan National since 1996. Basically, this is the coldest it's been this early in the season in 18 years. I don't think anyone I've spoken to has missed the cold!

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November weather in the D.C. area

November 4, 2014 - 12:23 PM

The sunset is around 5pm, our average high temperatures are only in the 60s to start the month and in the low 50s to end the month, and the duration of daylight sinks below 10 hours. Typically, I do not look forward to any of those statistics. And after last winter with over 30 inches of snow reported at Reagan National, I am not hoping for more of the white stuff any time soon. 

If November continues like today and tomorrow with highs around the 70 degree mark you wouldn't hear any complaints for me. Statistically speaking, however, that is entirely unlikely, as the average high temperature drops to 59 degrees by November 12th. The first and second of the month started out below average in the 50s, but we are still waiting for our first day with highs below 50 degrees at Reagan National. That day has already come in four of the past five years.

Earliest days below 50 degrees at Reagan National over the past 5 years

Daylight continues to diminish from ten hours and thirty-two minutes on the first of the month to nine hours and forty minutes by November 30. The sunrise on November 30 is at 7:07am and the sunset is at 4:47pm. We will only lose one more minute of daylight at night into December, with the earliest sunset at 4:46pm from December 2 through December 12.

Veterans Day Snowfall in 1987

As far as snowfall is concerned, Reagan National has not recorded more than a trace of snow since November 14, 1996 when 0.2" fell. In fact, the month only averages 0.5". This doesn't mean we can't have a big snow, as on Veteran's Day in 1987, D.C. recorded 11.5". That is not only a daily snow record for November, but also the record snow for the month.

8-14 day temperature outlook from the Climate Prediction Center

Current 6-10 and 8-14 day outlooks from the Climate Prediction Center are showing temperatures forecast to be below normal, but at this time it does not appear that snow will be in the 7-day through the middle of the month. I guess only time will tell how the rest of the month pans out!

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