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Washington D.C. Weather: record warm June underway

June 22, 2015 - 09:54 AM

We’re just two-thirds of the way through the month, and D.C. is already in the number 6 position for warmest Junes in the record books! Ten of the last 21 days have been in the 90s, making our average monthly temperature 78.0 degrees. That’s almost 4° above normal. According to National Climatic Data Center records in Washington, D.C. dating back to 1871, there are only 5 instances in which we were warmer. Keep in mind that those records include a full 30 days and here we are pushing the top five with eight more days to go!

Warmest Junes in DC since 1871

I am confident that today, the 22nd, we will continue this well above average trend, easily breaking the 90 degree mark. Tomorrow will be even hotter and there is a chance that we could set new all-time daily record highs. We are forecasting mid 90s with the record at Reagan National of 98° and at Dulles of 96° both set back in 1988.

A cold front will drop the heat and humidity by mid-week with upper 80s replacing the current 90s but we will still remain slightly, above the average of 86/87 through Friday. The weekend will then bring our first below-average set of days. Looking at the Climate Prediction Centers outlook for the remainder of the month, we have equal chances of above or below average temperatures which likely means no more extremes. However, the numbers thus far speak for themselves and I certainly will remember this month as a toasty one. But before you start to complain about the recent spate of high heat, let’s not forget about the well below average winter we just experienced. The month of February was nearly 9 degrees below average temperatures.

Past Six Months

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Summer Solstice this Sunday

June 15, 2015 - 05:38 PM

The Summer Solstice occurs at 12:39pm on Sunday ushering the region into astronomical summer. This occurs when the sun's zenith reaches its farthest northern position at the Tropic of Cancer. This coincides with the longest duration of daylight in the northern hemisphere with D.C.'s stretch coming the 18th through the 24th of June.

As far as temperatures are concerned, our average high will continue to rise through July with the warmest average high temperature hitting 89 degrees from July 7th through the 22nd. I'm not sure anyone would even realize the change though as hot as it has been in May as well as the past 5 days at 92 degrees or higher!

Duration of Daylight

There will be 14 hours and 54 minutes of daylight through the period. The region will lose 3 minutes of daylight by June 30th, and 42 minutes by July 31st. The autumnal equinox doesn't occur until September 26th when we finally head back to equal duration of daylight and darkness. Our shortest daylight hours will be experienced as usual on December 21st and 22nd with 9 hours and 26 minutes of daylight.

Sick of getting up so early because of the sun? Sunrise times will eventually push back to 6am by July 21st.

Sunrise and sunset times


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