• Walmart workers plan protest on Black Friday

    11/19/12 5:54 PM

    Some Walmart workers are preparing to protest on the busiest shopping day of the year.

  • Free holiday presents! Enter the ABC7 Holiday Gift Giveaway

    11/19/12 2:03 PM

    Want your chance to win one of several awesome gifts this holiday season, including gift cards, diamond earrings, electronics and more? If that's the case, you need to check out the ABC7 Holiday Gift Giveaway, brought to you by Fair Oaks Mall.

  • Game on! Your guide to Black Friday store hours

    11/19/12 10:36 AM

    Make that turkey sandwich to go because the holiday shopping season is about to get real! Check out which stores are opening the earliest in your ABC7 Guide to Black Friday.


  • From Washington Technology: Who are the biggest contractors at DHS?

    11/16/12 12:12 PM

    From Washington Technology: The top 20 contractors at the Homeland Security Department represent more than a third of all business done by contract at the department during fiscal 2011, according an analysis by the Center of Strategic and International Studies.

  • From Computer World: NASA scrambles to encrypt laptops after major breach

    11/15/12 12:04 PM

    From Computer World: NASA is scrambling to implement full disk encryption on agency laptops after one containing unencrypted personal information on a "large" number of people was recently stolen.

  • From FWC: Report recommends second term IT priorities

    11/14/12 11:51 AM

    From FWC: The American Council for Technology and Industry Advisory Council’s Institute for Innovation released its 2012 Quadrennial Government Technology Review on Nov. 13. By applying IT to improve the performance of government, the QGTR committee says the recommendations could reduce the deficit by $220 billion yearly.

  • Toyota recalls 2.77 million vehicles

    11/14/12 4:46 AM

    Toyota Motor Corp. is recalling 2.77 million vehicles around the world for a water pump problem and a steering shaft defect that may result in faulty steering - the latest in a spate of quality woes for Japan's top automaker.

  • From POLITICO: Kerry considered for DOD

    11/13/12 10:25 AM

    From POLITICO: If President Barack Obama asked John Kerry to become secretary of defense for his second term, he would bring a seasoned foreign policy hand into the Cabinet but a major question mark into the Pentagon.

  • From NextGov: What to expect on technology in Obama's second term

    11/12/12 10:43 AM

    From NextGov: Obama’s regulators arrived in January 2009 with a laundry list of priorities they have largely achieved—a version of network neutrality called the “Open Internet” rule; more spectrum for wireless broadband networks; subsidies for those who don’t yet have broadband access; and limits on how much telecom companies can charge for access to high-speed lines.

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