• Haymarket cancer survivor trapped in eviction nightmare

    6/29/12 6:09 PM

    Debbie Hobar was diagnosed with cancer, was in a car accident and couldn't work. Then, she lost her house, setting up a drawn-out legal battle.

  • Court: Madoff's brother to plead guilty in NY

    6/27/12 5:31 PM

    Court papers signed by a federal judge in Manhattan on Wednesday show Bernie Madoff's brother will plead guilty on Friday to conspiracy to commit securities fraud and other offenses including falsifying records.

  • Newlywed's guide to money management

    6/27/12 10:56 AM

    Wedding season is in full swing and lots of new couple are beginning their financial lives together, but differing money attitudes can come as a shock.

  • Orbitz targets 'higher-spending' Mac users

    6/26/12 6:05 PM

    Orbitz, the prominent travel website that offers deals on everything from flights to hotels to cruises, is targeting Apple users with higher-priced hotel rooms because statistics show they spend more on travel.


  • Coming soon

    6/25/12 4:37 PM

    JJ Green will be coming soon.

  • Sweet relief? Prices at the pump plunging

    6/22/12 7:40 PM

    For the 10th consecutive day, gas prices dropped on Thursday, with the national average dipping to $3.45 per gallon. That's down more than 20 cents month-to-date.

  • Federal Reserve commits $267 billion to Operation Twist

    6/21/12 11:08 AM

    The Federal Reserve announced it is committing $267 billion for continuing Operation Twist, the central bank’s program to keep long-term interest rates low and stimulate the economy.

  • The House has extended FDA user fees

    6/21/12 11:01 AM

    The House easily passed a bill reauthorizing the FDA’s user fees Wednesday, sending it to the Senate for final approval. The legislation would give the FDA greater flexibility to reclassify problematic medical devices into a category that would require greater regulatory scrutiny.

  • Jamie Dimon: JPMorgan Chase trusted risk models before loss

    6/19/12 2:34 PM

    JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon told the House Financial Services Committee Tuesday that the bank trusted its methods for assessing risk and that the models used provided the best information at the time.

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