• From GovTech: 2012 year in review - government data centers

    12/17/12 10:53 AM

    From GovTech: Government data centers haven’t disappeared yet – but a good number of CIOs are doing their best to get rid of them. Throughout 2012, CIOs made it clear that their first choice for new systems and applications is the cloud.

  • From FCW: GSA awards IT commodities purchase agreement

    12/14/12 10:09 AM

    From FCW: The General Services Administration has awarded new blanket purchase agreements for IT commodities to 43 small businesses.

  • Washington Business Report Oct. 21, 2012

    12/13/12 2:41 PM

    This week on Washington Business Report: Tim Kaine, Alli Webb and Michael Landau.

  • From FCW: Army vows to get aggressive in pursuit of purchasing discounts

    12/13/12 10:16 AM

    From FCW: Officials from the Army Medical Command are requiring contracting officers to ask vendors to reduce prices when an order goes above $150,000, and to check that the Veterans Affairs Department’s federal supply schedules sales are the best procurement approach or if they might find better prices in the open market.

  • From NextGov: The year in tech

    12/12/12 10:10 AM

    From NextGov: Technology changes year to year, phone to phone, quarter to quarter. Here at The Atlantic, we like to focus on how those changes happen, the ideas that animate them, the people that execute them, the users who transform them.

  • Delta buys 49 percent of Virgin Atlantic

    12/11/12 8:40 AM

    Delta Air Lines Inc. is buying almost half of British airline Virgin Atlantic for $360 million as it aims to boost its share of the lucrative New York-to-London market.

  • Stories you may have missed

    12/10/12 4:58 PM

    You’ve seen the many headlines dealing with the big stories in the business of government such as the sequestration, the CyberSecurity Executive Order and the reform of the EGOV Act. Here are several other stories worth reading you may have missed.

  • From NextGov: Virtual border fence contract postponed due to fierce competition

    12/10/12 10:06 AM

    From NextGov: A digital border security project slated to replace an aborted $1.5 billion system has been delayed by unexpected competition from vendors that want the wor

  • Washington Business Report Dec. 9, 2012

    12/7/12 4:32 PM

    This week on Washington Business Report: Barbara Lang, President and CEO of the DC Chamber of Commerce, Elana Fine, the executive director of the Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship at the University of Maryland’s Smith School of Business, and Josh Boak, reporter at The Fiscal Times.

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