• "50 Shades! The Musical"

    1/22/14 10:59 AM

    Well the "50 Shades of Grey" phenomenon has reach unbelievable heights. It's even been made into a parody!

  • Arch Campbell Show: Brad Pitt's company produced "12 Years a Slave"

    1/20/14 6:48 PM

    John Ridley’s script of “12 Years a Slave” connects the 21st Century to the long-forgotten story of Solomon Northrop – a free black man and talented violinist who left his home in New York state for an engagement in Washington, D.C.

  • Doonya

    1/20/14 3:40 PM

    Dropping those extra pounds does not have to be such a drag. Just move your body and shake your hips.

  • "Chowda Day"

    1/20/14 3:38 PM

    It's National Soup Month and Legal Seafoods is celebrating with their own "legal" holiday.

  • Celebrity legal happenings

    1/20/14 3:26 PM

    Legal correspondent, columnist, and attorney John Burns is here to tell us more about the Bieber case and other celebrity legal happenings.

  • Washington Wedding Experience Expo

    1/20/14 3:12 PM

    For most brides, weddings mean picking out a dress, finding a venue, and deciding what your décor will be.

  • DC Tattoo Expo

    1/20/14 2:29 PM

    Over 250 of the world's best tattoo artists will be in town this weekend.

  • Home & Remodeling Show 2014

    1/19/14 1:15 PM

    NewsChannel 8 gets a preview of the Home & Remodeling Show.

  • 'Life of a King' based on D.C. native

    1/17/14 9:56 PM

    The movie "Life of a King” is based on D.C. native Eugene Brown and a game he learned during a long prison sentence for bank robbery, where his teacher and older inmate divided his bank money by his prison time.

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