• Madame Tussauds Gallery of Presidents

    2/17/14 4:33 PM

    There is only one place in the world where you can find every single president of the United States: Madame Tussauds wax museum in D.C.

  • Presidents' favorite foods

    2/17/14 4:32 PM

    They may live in the White House, but our presidents have food cravings just like the rest of us.

  • D.C. Fashion Week 2014 preview

    2/15/14 1:47 PM

    New York Fashion Week may be over, but starting Monday, D.C. plays host to its own fashion week.

  • Washington DC International Food and Wine Festival

    2/14/14 5:10 PM

    Wine producers from around the world have gathered in DC for an annual food and wine festival that just might be the perfect way to spend your Valentine's Day weekend.

  • Crimes of Passion at the Crime Museum

    2/14/14 5:09 PM

    You might not automatically associate Al Capone with a romantic holiday like Valentine's Day, but it is thought that he ordered the St. Valentine's Day massacre in Chicago in 1929. This event is just one of the crimes of passion on display at the Crime Museum in downtown D.C.

  • Disney on Ice character skaters

    2/14/14 5:09 PM

    When you think of famous couples, Disney characters like Belle and her Prince, Ariel and Eric and Simba and Nala usually come to mind. The two skaters who play these characters for Disney on Ice paid us a visit in honor of Valentine's Day.

  • Hearing set on Bieber motion to block Fla. video

    2/14/14 7:40 AM

    A hearing has been scheduled on a motion by Justin Bieber's lawyers to prevent news organizations from obtaining unreleased video of the pop singer after his arrest last month in South Florida.

  • Hey Romeo, thank cargo handlers for bringing the roses

    2/13/14 2:07 PM

    If Cupid were to have a home, it would be Miami International Airport.

  • A preview of D.C. Fashion Week

    2/12/14 4:41 PM

    D.C. Fashion Week is in it's 20th season, and they're bringing their A-Game again this year. They're showcasing emerging young designers, international collections and couture galore.

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