• Oscars Costume Design nominations (photos)

    2/23/13 9:08 AM

    As a film unfolds, the costumes catch our eyes and bring visual excitement to the big screen. Here is a look at the five Oscar nominees for Best Costume Design.

  • Remember 1985? Take a walk down Oscars memory lane

    2/23/13 8:45 AM

    The Academy Awards airs this Sunday on ABC7 and in celebration of its 85th ceremony we're taking a look back! Sally Field, Prince, Sissy Spacek - and so many awesomely rad stars - they were all strutting their stuff at the Oscars - 1985!

  • Oscars 2013: Excitement mounts for 85th Annual Academy Awards

    2/23/13 12:28 AM

    Less than 48 hours before the Oscars, the red carpet is laid and media crews from around the globe are getting into position, practicing for the big night with stand-ins for stars like Jamie Foxx and Channing Tatum.

  • Oscars 2013: Watch Arch and Cynn√©'s Red Carpet Special

    2/22/13 3:20 PM

    ABC7's Arch Campbell and Cynné Simpson are in Los Angeles with all the Oscars news. Watch their Red Carpet Special tonight at 8 p.m.

  • Gardening on a budget

    2/22/13 2:04 PM

    Justin Cave from HGTV's "Groundbreakers" talked to Natasha about how you can garden on budget and get ready for spring.

  • Dog fighting rings in DC

    2/22/13 1:09 PM

    Lucrative underground dog fighting rings can be found in all areas of DC, so humane officers are now asking the community to be on alert and report any suspicious behavior immediately.

  • Decorate with art on a budget

    2/22/13 1:08 PM

    Want to spruce up your home but can't afford to spend too much money? Tom Delavan, an interior designer and Creative Director for Gilt Home, came on the show to tell us how we can decorate with art on a budget.

  • Mary Lou Caskey: Designer, knitter and Adam's mom!

    2/22/13 8:34 AM

    Adam Caskey wears a lot of hats during his live weather reports on Good Morning Washington. And guess who the designer, creator and knitter is behind his one-of-a-kind caps? His mom!


  • Free Stuff 2/21/13

    2/21/13 8:14 PM

    Passes and party invite.

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