• Santa One - you are cleared for takeoff

    12/20/12 4:06 PM

    The Federal Aviation Administration announced on Thursday that Santa Claus’ reindeer-powered sleigh, Santa One, is now cleared for its annual Christmas flight around the globe.

  • Mad dash! Christmas Eve store hours

    12/20/12 1:48 PM

    Shoppers, this is it. If you've still got a few must-haves to pick up (or maybe more than a few), this list is going to come in handy!


  • Holiday sweets from Sugar Magnolia

    12/20/12 1:29 PM

    Alison Reed, a pastry chef at Ripple and Sugar Magnolia, showed us how to make a gingerbread bundt cake.

  • Actress Kiersten Lyons

    12/20/12 1:28 PM

    Local actress Kiersten Lyons, who's on ABC's hit show "The Neighbors," came on today to talk about her experiences.

  • The Pet Show's HUGE holiday giveaway

    12/20/12 12:08 PM

    The Pet Show this week is SO festive!!! We’ve got tons of great gift ideas for you, your family, and your pets, plus we’re featuring an amazing program that’s help to put MILLIONS of pets into loving homes over the past few years!


    12/19/12 10:03 PM

    Folks from Les Miz and jokes that are miserable

  • Sandy Hook: Hollywood scrambles in response to shootings

    12/19/12 2:22 PM

    Today’s roundup of the pop-culture world finds an ever-cautious Hollywood in the wake of Sandy Hook, a singing contest winner, Hugh Jackman, other things, and the mystery music video.

  • The Internet and adoption

    12/19/12 1:27 PM

    Lori Barer Ingber, the President and Founer of Parent Match, came on the show today to talk about how the internet has transformed adoption in the United States.

  • Gilt City holiday guide

    12/19/12 1:25 PM

    Marissa Scnieder, the Senior Curator for Gilt City DC, came on the show today to talk about the hottest trends in holiday gift giving.

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