• Don't pack on the Christmas pounds

    12/7/12 2:22 PM

    Registered dietitian Marie Spano came on the show today to give us tips on not overindulging with holiday goodies this month.

  • Why you shouldn't give a pet as a gift

    12/7/12 2:14 PM

    Dr. Katy Nelson came on the show to tell us why we should not give pets as presents during the holidays.

  • The mystery continues: Who really shot Fitz?

    12/7/12 10:42 AM

    Spoiler alert! If you click into this article, you'll find out who (might) be behind the shooting of President Fitz Grant on Thursday night's episode of Scandal. The question is blowing up on Twitter as well - who shot Fitz?


  • Arch Campbell on Playing for Keeps

    12/6/12 6:04 PM

    Gerard Butler plays a has been soccer star talked into coaching his son's team in 'Playing for Keeps'---the soccer moms find him irresistible . They include Catherine Zeta Jones and Uma Thurman.

  • Proper holiday etiquette

    12/6/12 1:46 PM

    Etiquette expert Mary Crane sat down with Melanie and Natasha to talk about the proper way to handle regifting and other questionable holiday situations.

  • "My Sisters the Saints"

    12/6/12 1:44 PM

    Author, journalist, and former speechwriter for President George W. Bush Colleen Carroll Campbell came on the show to talk about her new book, "My Sisters the Saints."

  • Frank Ocean, Jay-Z, fun. among top nominees for Grammy Awards

    12/5/12 11:50 PM

    The Grammy Awards celebrated the diversity of music as six different artists tied for top nominee - Kanye West, Jay-Z, Frank Ocean, Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys, Mumford & Sons and fun.

  • Holiday themed experiments

    12/5/12 1:34 PM

    Mary Porter Green from the Curiosity Zone came on the show to show us how to make fake snow and other experiements perfect for your kids this holiday season.

  • Educational toys

    12/5/12 1:28 PM

    Some of the hottest gifts this year aren't only fun, but they're educational as well. Ann Dolin, the president and founder of Educational Connections Tutoring and Ravi Robison of Smart Toys talked to Melanie about some gifts that will keep kids entertained while teaching them something valuable at the same time.

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