• FotoWeek DC

    11/7/12 2:09 PM

    Theo Adamstein, the founder and executive director of FotoWeek DC, stopped by to talk to Natasha about the 5th Annual FotoWeek DC Festival, which is taking place from November 9th - 18th.

  • Differences between girls and boys in the classroom

    11/6/12 3:56 PM

    Ann Dolin, the president and founder of Education Connection Tutoring, talked to Melanie about how to understand the differences between boys and girls in the classroom.

  • A look back on the 2012 campaign

    11/6/12 3:45 PM

    Nikki Schwab, the Yeas and Nays columnist for the Washington Examiner, chatted with Melanie and Natasha about some of DC's hottest election night parties and took a look back at the 2012 campaign.

  • Budweiser seeks removal from 'Flight' movie

    11/6/12 7:51 AM

    Anheuser-Busch is asking the studio behind the Denzel Washington film "Flight" to remove images of its beers from the already-released film and all future versions.

  • Liver awareness

    11/5/12 12:44 PM

    Thelma Thiel, the Chairwoman of the Hepatitis Foundation, talked to Katherine about Liver Awareness Month.

  • No Doubt pulls new video amid Native American complaints

    11/5/12 12:02 PM

    Todays’ culturally correct roundup of the pop-culture world finds a no-go for No Doubt; Snooki and the gang raising money, Wreck-It Ralph, other things, and the mystery music video.

  • Bieber fever! A D.C. girl's dream comes true

    11/2/12 9:42 PM

    Watch 12-year-old Lily Berkow's ecstatic reaction when Pamela Brown tells her that ABC7 has arranged for her to meet Justin Bieber. And watch the YouTube video her brother filmed that made it all possible.

  • Chi Living: run with less effort

    11/2/12 1:50 PM

    Danny Dreyer, the founder of Chi Living, talked to Melanie about ways you can run faster with less effort and strain on your body.

  • Winter safety tips

    11/2/12 1:42 PM

    Kate Carr, the President and CEO of Safe Kids, joined Natasha and Melanie to talk about ways you and your family can stay safe this winter.

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