• Golden Globes show brings out the stars, including 'Hillary Clinton's husband'

    1/14/13 6:13 PM

    That man from Hope, Arkansas upstaged Hollywood's elite with a surprise appearance to introduce Steven Spielberg's "Lincoln." Co-host Amy Poehler gushed afterward, "Wow, what an exciting special guest! That was Hillary Clinton's husband!"

  • Roberts pushing to return to GMA in February

    1/14/13 1:29 PM

    After yet another long battle with cancer, Robin Roberts said Monday that she'll soon be making her return to Good Morning America. Her return could come as soon as February.

  • Celebrity legal gossip

    1/11/13 4:18 PM

    Attorney Jonathan Burns came on the show today to talk to Melanie and Katherine about the legal drama making its way around Hollywood.

  • Gossip making its way around DC

    1/11/13 4:18 PM

    The Hill's Judy Kurtz came on today to talk about everything Inauguration.

  • Free Stuff 1/10/2013

    1/10/13 9:00 PM

    Get a run of engagement pass, good for two, to see "The Impossible" at any Landmark theatre in the DC area. Just answer this week's trivia question which is: Comedian/magician Kevin Lee, who's playing at the Old Town Theater in Alexandria, Va. this week, stopped by tonight's show. He and Arch are old friends. How long did Kevin Lee say it had been since he and Arch worked together?

  • Choosing a summer camp for your kids

    1/10/13 12:27 PM

    Winter break may have just wrapped up, but it's already time for you to think about what your kids will do for summer vacation. Jamie Ratner, the CEO of Certifikid, sat down with Melanie to talk about enrolling your kids in summer camp.

  • 2013 Oscars nominations: Full list of nominees

    1/10/13 12:26 PM

    Here is the full list of nominees for the 2013 Academy Awards.


  • Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez break-up talk returns

    1/9/13 2:46 PM

    Today’s brief peek at the pop-culture world finds a split (stop rolling those eyes!), President Lincoln, Tom Cruise and Scientology, other things, and the mystery music video.

  • Presidential cocktails

    1/9/13 12:24 PM

    Kelly Magyarics, a wine and spirits writer and wine educator, came on the show today to show us drinks that will help you be a part of history this month by drinking like an old school president.

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