• Workplace trends for 2013

    1/7/13 1:26 PM

    Workplace guru Mary Abbajay of Careerstone Group came on the show today to give us the scoop on workplace trends for 2013.

  • Lindsay Lohan in court to face assault charges in nightclub fight

    1/7/13 7:09 AM

    Actress Lindsay Lohan is scheduled to appear in court to face assault charges in connection with a fight at a Manhattan nightclub.

  • ABC's 'Scandal' set to air intense torture scene

    1/4/13 3:57 PM

    ABC’s "Scandal" is set to air an intense torture scene that will be featured in its next new episode. The controversial scene will highlight an interrogation that includes a beating and waterboarding.

  • Resolutions for your pets

    1/4/13 1:48 PM

    Dr. Katy Nelson sat down with Natasha to talk about New Year's resolutions for your pet.

  • Happy New Year from The Pet Show!

    1/4/13 12:49 PM

    Happy New Year, Pet Show Peeps!!! 2012 was the start of a great ride here at NewsChannel 8 for all of us here on the show, and we've had such an incredible time making an informative show with a fun twist to it for all of you!

  • Inauguration etiquette

    1/4/13 9:55 AM

    Etiquette expert Mary Crane came on the show to fill us in on how we should behave and what we should wear to the upcoming Inaugural balls.

  • "Was it Something I Said?"

    1/4/13 9:48 AM

    Social media, emailing, and texting have created opportunities for dating missteps and humiliation.

  • Free Stuff 1/3/13

    1/3/13 9:00 PM

    Get passes to see the supernatural thriller "On the Road" starring Kristen Stewart, Amy Adams and Garrett Hedlund January 14 at 7pm at Landmark E Street Cinema. SEND YOUR NAME, AND STREET ADDRESS to arch@news8.net by 9am, January 4th.

  • "Doggie in the Window" singer remembered

    1/3/13 10:02 AM

    The entertainment industry is mourning Patti Page today. Page had plenty of TV outlets where she could sing her hits "Tennessee Waltz" and "(How Much is That) Doggie in the Window."

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