• "Beauty, Disrupted" by CarrĂ© Otis

    11/1/12 3:09 PM

    Formel supermodel and actress Carré Otis talked to Natasha about her new book, "Beauty, Disrupted".

  • Disney unlikely to change 'Star Wars' brand

    11/1/12 12:44 PM

    With Disney's purchase of Lucasfilm, will Bambi and Mickey Mouse appear in future "Star Wars" movies taking up lightsabers against the dark side of the Force?


    11/1/12 11:21 AM

    Arch's latest reviews

  • Timeline of Terror: The haunted history of Halloween

    10/31/12 8:12 PM

    Today’s Halloween festivities may be filled with modern delights like Candy Corn and Martha Stewart-inspired party décor, but its origins are rooted in ancient Pagan practices. See how it all unfolded in our Timeline of Terror.

  • New political gossip

    10/31/12 1:25 PM

    Judy Kurtz of The Hill stopped by to chat with Natasha and Melanie about the latest political gossip leading up to next week's election.

  • Halloween activities for your kids

    10/31/12 1:08 PM

    Bonnie McDaniel of "Recipes for Good Living" magazine joined Melanie to talk about ideas for both indoor and outdoor activities that will help capture the spirit Halloween.

  • 'Anderson Live' talk show: Warner Bros. pulls the plug

    10/29/12 3:20 PM

    Anderson Cooper's daytime talk show will be wrapping after two seasons. Warner Bros. said Monday that the marketplace made it increasingly difficult for "Anderson Live" to "break through" to viewers despite format changes.

  • Good food and protein for your skin

    10/26/12 1:44 PM

    Dr. Neil Sadick, the author of "The New Natural", chatted with Melanie and Natasha about proteins and foods you should pay attention to this season for beautiful, healthy skin.

  • Brian Boyle's inspiring survival story

    10/26/12 1:36 PM

    When Brian Boyle was only 18, he was involved in a life-changing car crash. The impact was so severe that he was put into a medically induced coma and doctors said their was little chance of survival. He sat down with Melanie to talk about how he beat the odds and survived.

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